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April 2001

Dear Journal,

My end of the year 4th grade picture

School Pictures

On Thursday the 5th we had school pictures taken.

Below is my class picture.  Click on it to see a bigger picture. 

My class picture

Talent Show Audition

I'm going to be in the school talent show again this year.  This year me and my friend Jessica are going to do a gymnastics routine to a mix of swing music.  We decided to wear black leotards with white tuxedo shirts on top, with bow ties.  Then mom painted silver stars down the sides of the shirts.  On Friday the 6th the audition was held at school.  A reporter from the East Orange Sun community newspaper was there and took our picture and it was printed in the paper!  The talent show is next month.

Jessiac and me in the newspaper

Field Day

We had field day on Tuesday, the 10th.  Field day is a day at our school when we have lots of games setup outside.  Each class goes to a station or game and rotates after a certain amount of time.  Some games that we did were a sack race, a bouncy-ball race, and water balloons.  We had snowcones to eat!  Field day was pretty fun.

Great-Grandma Rhodes birthday


We celebrated great-grandma Rhodes birthday on Saturday, the 14th.  We went to grandma Rhodes house for Easter dinner and to celebrate great-grandma Rhodes birthday.  Great-grandma Essie was visiting from Ohio and was there too.  Since my science fair results were due on Thursday, I had them all do my ice cream experiment.  My experiment is to see if people really liked expensive ice cream better than cheap ice cream.  So to figure it out I put 4 different kinds of vanilla ice cream in cups and gave each person a survey to fill out after they tasted each kind.  My science fair project is due in May.   

Aunt Beth, Alexis, and Great-Grandma Essie

Pig Fest

On Friday the 20th we had a Pig Fest at school.  All the 4th grade classes had read the book Charlotte's Web and we had a Pig Fest to celebrate that we finished reading it.  Pig Fest was a lot like field day except that the games were named after things from Charlotte's Web.  There was a whipped cream eating contest to see who could eat it the fastest with no hands.  I was slow but I had the cleanest face.  Then the teachers did it.  My teacher won!

drawing from my Charlotte's Web summary

my terrarium

Leu Gardens Field Trip

On Thursday the 26th I went on a field trip to Leu Gardens with my gifted class.  Leu Gardens used to be owned by this man named Harry P. Leu.  He and his wife spent their whole life going around the world collecting different plants and brought them back to their house in Orlando.  When they died they donated it to the city of Orlando.  We took a tour of a museum, then we took a tour of the gardens.  We each got a bag and we could keep any leaves that had fallen on the ground.  Then we each made a terrarium.  We had a choice of 4 plants and we could pick three.  I picked a Red plant, a stripped-green plant, and a venus fly trap!


On Friday the 27th we had a team sleepover at gymnastics.  The level 4 team made up a skit and it was really funny.  Our coach changed the lyrics of People are Strange by the Doors to Coaches are Strange, when you're a 4.  (She cannot sing!)  We did a challenge that the olympic girls did.  There was a sheet with the numbers 0-99 written on it all mixed up.  You had one minute to find the numbers on the paper in order, 0, 1, 2...  I got to 7 in a minute.  The Russian girls team got 15-20 in a minute.  The rest of the teams got 5-10 in a minute.  They say if you do that every day you get a better brain.

On Saturday, I went to Jessica Hares 10th birthday party.  There were 9 girls there for a sleepover!  We had contests like who could whistle the loudest with crackers shoved in their mouth or who could blow the biggest bubblegum bubble.  If you came in 1st place you got 10 points, 2nd got 5 points, and 3rd got 3 points.  The only contest I won was who could hold a headstand the longest.  I got 3 points automatically because I couldn't blow a bubble.  At the end of all the contest Jessica's mom brought out some wrapped up prizes.  The person with the most points got to pick first.  The the person with the next most points picked next.   I picked 7th and got 3 things of pop rocks.