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February 28, 2001

Dear Journal,

Girl Scout Cookies

On Friday the 9th mom picked up the girl scout cookies at the fire station.  She had to pick up 118 cases!  We took Poppop's truck and they just barely fit.  I had sold about 300 boxes of them.  For the next couple of weeks I was busy delivering them around the neighborhood.

Spelling Bee certificate

Spelling Bees

On Friday the 9th we had the 4th grade spelling bee.  In late January each class held their own spelling bee.  The top five people from each 4th grade class competed against each other on the 9th.  There were 30 4th graders in the contest.  I finished in 3rd place.  (I missed missionary.)  But, the top 3 got to go to the school finals on the 28th.  In the finals there were 2 2nd graders, 2 3rd graders, 3 4th graders, and 2 5th graders.  I think there was an extra 4th grader because there are more 4th graders than any other grade.  I finished in 5th place.  I feel silly but I messed up on vowel. 

The new Harry Potter Room

The weekend of the 9th, grandma and Poppop came over to help redo my room like Harry Potter.  One of the things they did was make the 3 walls that didn't have a mural on it look like castle bricks.  First we painted the walls a goldish yellow.  Then we taped the walls like bricks.  After that Poppop painted the bricks with a brownish paint while grandma and mom used a cloth to dab the walls to give the bricks designs to look like real bricks.  After it dried we pulled the tape off.  That was the most fun part of doing my room! 

Poppop and mom painted a purple diamond border all around the top of my room while grandma painted a mural of Harry, Ron, and Hermione in a boat headed to Hogwarts castle.  I love my new room.  Thanks Grandma and Poppop!

Everyone working on my room
The finished mural Finished castle walls and border



On Saturday the 17th, Mom, Dad, and I went to see the play Grease at Valencia.  Over all the play was pretty cool.  My favorite scene was the one when  Sandy tried to smoke and choked.  Mom and Dad both agreed that the lead actor couldn't sing very well.

Science Center

On Monday and Tuesday, the 19th and 20th, I was off of school for President's Day and a teacher work day. Mom and Dad had to work so I went to the science center both days.  The camp Dad signed me up for didn't have enough people so I had to go to the camp for littler kids.  I got to be a teacher helper.  When we were visiting in an exhibit this man came out to do a show with liquid nitrogen.  It was really cool!  The nitrogen was liquid because it was really cold - 300 below zero!  At the end of the show he took a penny and dipped it in the liquid nitrogen and when he took it out he put it on a block, took a hammer and smashed the penny into 20 pieces!  To close his show he asked us "What should I do with this liquid nitrogen?  Should I call the hazardous waste department, open the lid and wait until it evaporates, or dump it on the floor?"  And then he DUMPED IT ON THE FLOOR!  The carpet got really cold and we got to touch it.

Egg Drop

On Friday the 23rd, our gifted class went to an engineering fair at UCF.  There were three contests we competed in.  We built a city of the future as a class.  We used recyclables to make our buildings and stuff but some other schools used legos and stuff.  The 2nd contest was the paper airplane contest.  We had 10 minutes to build and decorate a paper airplane.  The judge would judge the airplane on its design and then we threw them and got judged on distance.  Mine flew sideways so it didn't go very far.  The 3rd contest was the egg drop.  We had to make a container that would hold an egg and hopefully not break from a drop from a two story high building.  I made mine out of an old long styrofoam cooler and tied three long balloons together.  I stretched the balloons between the ends of the cooler.  I cut a slit in the middle of the middle balloon and stuffed the egg inside so that it would bounce up and down when it hit.  Then I wrapped bubble wrap around it.  My egg survived the drop and the judge said that mine was one of the most creative, but it didn't hit the target at the bottom of the drop.

My egg drop container

Washington Birthday Celebration

On Saturday the 24th we went with Grandma and Grandpa to the Washington Birthday Celebration in Eustis.  First we watched a parade and I got lots of candy!  There were only two real floats, but there were lots of old cars and convertibles.  Mom liked the bugs - a family had decorated their strollers up like bugs. 

Then we went to the carnival they had set up and ate and rode some rides.  Grandma took me on the Super Slide and Grandpa took me on the Crazy Bus.  He screamed the whole time! 

waiting for the parade
Grandma on the Super Slide! Grandpa and me on the Crazy Bus

Field Trip to Ft. Wilderness

On Tuesday the 27th, the 4th grade went on a field trip to Ft. Wilderness at Disney World.  We learned about being a pioneer in Florida.  There were several little sites where a speaker told us about how they lived in different years.  One of the ones took us on a boat ride and told us about the Seminole indian tribe.  On another one we got to try to lasso a fence pole.