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January 31, 2001

Dear Journal,

Me and Speedy

Speedy the Crab

On Wednesday, January 3rd, I used my gift certificate from Christmas to buy my hermit crab.  I named him Speedy.  He likes to eat carrots and loves black olives.  He likes them so much that when I give them to him he eats them all in one night and then poops all over the cage!  He's very friendly and he always comes out to greet me. 

Trevor's 3rd Birthday

On Saturday, January 6th we went to Aunt Beth's house for Trevor's 3rd birthday party.  The theme was "Veggie Tales".  Me, Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Butch, Aunt Beth, Great-grandma Rhodes, Butch's parents and brother were all there.  He got a bunch of presents, including a bike and skates.  

Trevor with Uncle Butch and Aunt Beth

Sleepovers at Bailey's

On Saturday the 6th I spent the night at Bailey's.  Then on Saturday the 13th, Bailey had a sleepover birthday party.  At Bailey's birthday party we made chocolate fondue.  There were apples, marshmallows, bananas, and strawberries.  For her present I got her two shirts that Mom made that she really wanted.


On Sunday the 21st, I got three fish.  I named them Mango (the orange one), Rose (the pink one), and Smokey (the black one.)  Mango is a big hog of the food!  He is the biggest one.  Reindeer really likes to sit and watch them. 

Orange City Manatee Festival

On Saturday the 27th, Mom, Dad and I went to the manatee festival in Orange City, right next to Blue Springs Park.  We saw tons of manatees.  We saw a mommy with her baby.  There was an old house that we got to tour.  At the festival I got a free water bottle that I use at gymnastics.  They had an exhibit with some birds.  I liked the owl. 

Me and Mom at Blue Springs

Terrific Kid

Each month, each teacher picks one of their students to be the "Kiwanis Terrific Kid of the Month."  I was it in January.  I get a sticker and a free kids meal from Chili's.