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June 2001

Dear Journal,

Extended Day Camp at Waterford

The week of the 4th to the 8th I went to extended day camp at school.  On Monday we went to the public library.  On Tuesday we went to see the movie The King and I at the Waterford Town Center movie theaters.  On Wednesday we stayed at school, played games, and had Chick-fil-a for lunch.  On Thursday we went to Chuck-E-Cheese's.  That afternoon mom and I had to go to a meeting for Biz Kids.  Friday was dad's day off, so I stayed home with him. 

Biz Kid store in the mall - see mom inside?

Biz Kids

The week of the 11th to the 15th, I worked at Biz Kids at the Fashion Square Mall.  Biz Kids is a drug store run by 5th graders.  There are lots of different sections in the store, like the snack section, school supplies, medicines, and more.  We had to fill out a job application for which job we wanted.  The jobs were:

sales associate (run the cash register)
baggers (put the items in a bag)
warehouse associate (order items that are out and stock the shelves)
greeters (greet people at the door)
marketing associate (go out in the mall and tell people about Biz Kids)
advertising associate (use a computer to make signs for the store)
security associate (make sure things are safe and people take their breaks)
junior manager (help anyone who had any problems)

On Monday we had to pick what job we wanted and interview for it.  The next two days I was a warehouse associate.  We went around with a hand held inventory computer and entered the product numbers and how many we needed to order.  Then they hooked the computer up to the phone and it ordered the items.  When the items came in the next day we had to unpack them, make sure they were all there, put the prices on them, and then stock the shelves.

On Thursday and Friday I was a sales associate.  We got to run the cash register, take money, and give change.  Some items you could scan and some you had to key in.  On Thursday we took a field trip to Bath and Body Works and the Candle Shop.  It was really fun and I won't ever forget it.


Me at the cash register

Poppop's Retirement

On Sunday the 24th we went to Grandma and Poppopís (and Taz).  We went there for Poppopís retirement party. We got there early to help setup.  (We couldn't go on Saturday because I had a Muscle Meet at gymnastics.)  Uncle Joe, Aunt JoAnn, and Daniel were already there. About 125 people came. I barely knew any of them. There was lots of yummy food and awesome cake.

After the party, me, Poppop, Uncle Joe, and Daniel went to the pool. Then we all went to Dairy Queen. Tomorrow morning we are starting our vacation to:
1.  Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama
2.  Memphis, Tennessee
3.  St. Louis, Missouri
4.  Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

First we are heading to Georgia, to visit Uncle Dan's.

Poppop's retirement party


Going to Georgia

Hudson, FL to Dahlonega, GA

Monday, June 25th

After about a 9 hour drive we finally got to Uncle Danís.  When we first arrived, only Brooke and Angela were there, but after a while everyone showed up.  By the time everyone got there and got caught up on things, it was already time for bed.  Me and Kara shared her room. We stayed up past 12:00!  Next stop, Alabama!

Dan and Kelly's house


Going to Alabama

Dahlonega, GA to Scottsboro, AL


Tuesday, June 26th

The next morning we left bright and early.  We only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and we left.  When we got to Alabama but not yet to the hotel, we made our first side trip.  Dad and mom like to find stops along the way that they hadn't planned on.  It was called Little River Canyon, Alabama.  What it basically was was a tour up a mountain in your car.  There were pull off spots that had great scenes of waterfalls or parts of the canyon. 

Me at Little River Canyon
Mom and me at the Unclaimed Baggage Center


The next stop was the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  Overall, it was a big disappointment.  It is a place that buys lost luggage and stuff from the airlines and then sells it to people.  It seemed to me it was just like a big department store.  I did get some hair glitter though (for gymnastics).  Once we got to the Days Inn, we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.  After that we went to see the movie Atlantis .  It was OK.  Tomorrowís stop, Memphis, Tennessee!

Going to Memphis

Scottsboro, AL to Memphis, TN


Wednesday, June 27th

The next morning, we got up early and ate breakfast at the hotel and got on the road.  On the way Dad found our second side trip.  We stopped at Helen Kellerís birthplace.  It was a tour of the house where she was born and grew up.  It was OK.

Ivy Green - Helen Keller's birthplace
Me in the steamboat replica

After a while we drove into Memphis.  Then we went to Mud River Park.  You went on a monorail to a museum.  It was really neat.  My favorite part was a walk-in replica of a steamboat. 

There was also a tour of a model of the Mississippi River that was over 1/2 mile long. 

the Mississippi Riverwalk
Beale Street

For dinner we went to Corkyís BBQ.  Then we took a walk down Beale Street.  I bought a T-shirt and mom bought a couple of postcards.

Thursday, June 28th

The first place we went was the Civil Rights museum.  It was cool because you got head phones that tell you about everything.  It was in the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

Me and mom outside the civil rights museum

The other stop we made was to Graceland.  It was Elvis' house.  They also had headsets to tell you about all the rooms in the mansion.  Overall, it was kind of neat. 

We also toured the plane museum, car museum, and memorabilia museum.  Later that night we got to the DoubleTree hotel in St. Louis.

One of Elvis' airplanes

Going to St. Louis

Memphis, TN to St. Louis, MO


Friday, June 29th

The next day we went to a lot of places, but the first was a butterfly house.  It had a huge room filled with tropical butterflies.  We also watched a movie about butterflies.  After that, we went to Grantís Farm.  Grant's Farm was sort of like Sea World or Busch Gardens with no amusement rides.  There were animals to see and animal shows.  After that we went on our third side trip, a guided tour of U.S. Grantís house. 

Me in the butterfly house
The Arch!

Finally, we went to the Arch.  You went up into it in a tiny capsule that held 5 people.  When we got to the top, it was pretty high up.  Then, we watched a movie on how they built it.  Overall, the day was great!


That's a window next to me.  You can see part of Busch stadium out of it!

Inside the arch
Me at the zoo  

Saturday, June 30th

The next day we didnít do much.  We went to the zoo first.  We saw lots of animals mating.  The monkeys even had a fight over the girl.  Mom liked the frog exhibit best, I liked it too. 


The other place we went was to the science center.  We didnít stay long because our feet hurt.  When we got back to the hotel, we ate pizza and chicken wings.  We also watched the movie, Castaway .


Mom being a math geek!
Dad at his favorite ride

Sunday, July 1st

The next day we went to Six Flags, an awesome theme park.  We rode roller coasters and watched some shows.  About 5pm weíd done everything.  On one roller coaster a guy was riding that coaster for 100 days!  My favorite ride was Batman.  Later that night we watched a movie on TV.


Monday, July 2nd

The first stop we made was to the Busch brewery tour.  It was cold, smelly, boring, and stupid. 

Busch brewery tour
Frozen custard at Ted Drewes on Route 66

Then we had frozen custard.  It was just like ice cream.  Then we went on our fourth side trip, a free - but not - motorcycle museum, called Wheels Through Time.  (In the book it said it was free but when we got there they said it was $5 apiece donation!  It's not a donation if they make you pay it!)  It was hot, smelly, and stupid.  My favorite part was looking at their iguana that didnít even move.  The rest of the day we didnít do anything except eat and drive to Kentucky.

Going to Kentucky

St. Louis, MO to Cave City, KY



Tuesday, July 3rd

The next day we went on a 4 1/2 hour tour of Mammoth Cave, the largest cave in the world.  There wasnít any stalagmites or tites in most of the cave.  Also, a lot of it was tall, wide and open, unlike most caves.  All our feet hurt by the end.  After that me and dad went on an alpine slide, where you ride down a mountain on a winding concrete slide on something like a bobsled on wheels.  Then we drove till we stopped wherever for the night.

Mom and me in Mammoth Cave

Going home

Cave City, KY to Orlando, FL

Wednesday, July 4th

The next day we drove home. This was certainly a busy, but fun, vacation. We went through ten states: