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October 2001

Dear Journal,

Gymnast of the Month!

Gymnast of the Month

On Thursday, October 4th I won gymnast of the month for September.  Gymnast of the month is plaque you get for being the most improved or hardest working gymnast during the month.  The coaches pick who wins it. 


On Friday, October 12th, Dad, Mom, and I went to listen to ghost stories at Leu Gardens.  We did this last year too.  My favorite story was about a man who pulled a toe out of a grave to cook in his soup.

Pennsylvania Vacation

On Wednesday the 17th I got out of school early and Mom, Grandma, Nana, and I went to Pennsylvania!  We went so Nana could visit her relatives and so Grandma and Mom could shop. 

Uncle Joe and me playing dominoes

Me and Grandma ready to shop


We spent almost the whole time shopping at different malls.  We ended up with about 30 bags full of stuff.  They were mostly Christmas presents.  We wrapped them and left them there since we are going back to Pennsylvania for Christmas.


Grandma, Mom, and I collected a bunch of different colored leaves.  There were lots of different colors on the trees.  We stayed with Uncle Joe and Aunt Joann and Daniel.  They live near a bunch of Amish people.  There next door neighbors have a horse and buggy.

Me and Mom gathering leaves
traveling makes me sleepy


We spent a lot of time at the airport, so I spent my time sleeping.


Report Card

On Wednesday, October 24th I got my first report card for 5th grade.  I got all A's for grades, all S's (Satisfactory) and all 1's for effort.  I made the principal's honor roll.

AAU Qualifier Meet in St. Cloud, FL

On Saturday, the 27th, I had a gymnastics meet in St. Cloud.  Dad wasn't there because he went to Ohio for Grandma Essie's 90th birthday.  Since I had a meet, Mom and I didn't go.  Jody and Mom came to my meet.  I scored:

Vault 7.9 (3rd)
Bars 8.4 (3rd)
Beam 8.8 (1st)
Floor 8.62 (1st)
all around 33.75 (1st)

This is harder than it looks! 1st place all around!