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September 2001

Dear Journal,

Sunshine Invite

On Saturday, the 8th, I had a gymnastics meet at Broadway.   Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma, and Poppop all came to this meet.  I scored:

Vault 7.5
Bars 8.25 (5th)
Beam 8.85 (1st)
Floor 8.15 (6th)
all around 32.75 (5th)

My ecology notebook

Ecology Notebook

On Monday, the 17th, my ecology notebook was due.  It was 32 pages long and it was a big grade in science.  I got 100! 

In the workbook I put all my worksheets and notes about the environment and ecology.  I had to draw a bunch of pictures of different environments, like a desert and a savanna.  I copied the desert picture from the mural on our living room wall!

I spent a lot of time on it and I was proud of myself. 

AAU Qualifier

On Sunday, the 23rd, I had my first gymnastics state qualifier meet at Broadway.  I scored:

Vault 6.55
Bars 8.35 (6th)
Beam 8.375 (4th)
Floor 8.6 (3rd)
all around 31.875 (6th)

A qualifier meet is where you have to get at least a score of 29 on your all around to go to the state meet.  Every girl in the state that qualifies goes to state.  With my 31.875, I moved up to the advanced division.  In my level (AAU level 4) there are 4 divisions:
novice = below 30.0
advanced = 30.05 - 32.0
open = 32.05 - 35.0
elite = 35.05 - 40.0

At the meets I compete against girls in my level, division, and age group.


11th Birthday

For my 11th birthday I invited four of my friends (Katie, Jessica, Bailey, and Chelsea) to a sleepover.  We also went to the Port of Pottery in the Waterford Town Center.  The Port of Pottery is a shop where you pick out a piece of pottery to paint.  Then they glaze it.  That's Bailey and me to the right.

Bailey, me, and Jessica

Katie and Jessica


Here's Katie and Jessica.  Katie is a new friend from 5th grade.  We sit next to each other.


Bailey, Katie, me, Jessica, and Chelsea.

Bailey, Katie, me, Jessica, Chelsea