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August 2002

Dear Journal,

August 7th

Today I went to Smith Orthodontics to get my braces on.  The thing they put on first hurt but then I didn't feel it at all once they got the braces all on.  I got the clear braces but I put on colored bands.  I got dark blue and gray bands.  The next day my mouth was really sore.  I'm supposed to have them on for approximately 2 years. 

Me at Cypress Gardens

August 10th

Today we went to Cypress Gardens.  They had ski shows and ice skating shows and a bunch of trees and flowers.  We went to see the ski show which I didn't really like.  We also saw the ice skating show which had an American theme.  The ice skating show was OK.

My favorite was the butterfly house.  You got to walk around and see all the butterflies flying around you.  There were also baby birds.  We also walked around the gardens.

This is my first picture with braces!

August 12th

This year I started middle school.  Its very different from elementary school.  Discovery Middle School is right across the street from my elementary school (Waterford) and it is for grades 6th to 8th.

One of the major differences is we switch classes instead of having the same teacher all day.  I see most of my friends before school and at lunch but I only have two classes with them.  School doesn't start until 9:30 so my bedtime got moved later this year!

My schedule is:
1st period - math
2nd period - language arts
3rd period - social studies
4th period - science
5th period - gym
6th period - agriscience

My middle school
1st day of middle school!

My favorite classes are social studies and gym.  Gym and agriscience are only for the first 9 weeks, and then I will get different classes for those two periods.

I have a lot more homework this year than I did in 5th grade!  And I have a lot more tests too.

For lunch we have a lot more choices than in elementary school.  We have a choice everyday of pizza, Chick-fil-A, Subway, burritos and tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, and a regular hot lunch.  And they have ice cream and cookies and snacks like that.  I usually pack my lunch but I get to buy lunch once a week.  I've tried most of the items and I really like the Subway spicy Italian sub and the burrito.

Our school has different "teams".  Each team is made up of about 140 kids.  The teams have the same teachers for all the main subjects.  There are about 1,700 kids at Discovery!  Me and most of my friends are on the Voyager (the gifted) team.


August 24th

Today was the first meet of the season.  It was held in Jacksonville.  It was called the "Summer Sizzler" and it was true -- because the air conditioning didn't work very well and the gym was HOT!  I did OK.  I took 4th all-around.  Click here to see my scores.  I got my highest all around score.  Our team took 2nd place.

Mom's friend Maureen and her daughter Brittany came to see my meet.  They live in Jacksonville.  After the meet we went to their house and had lunch.  Jim (Maureen's husband) and Austin (Brittany's brother) were there too.

2nd place team!

Student of the Week award

August 30th

Each week each team at Discovery picks a Student of the Week for their team.  For the week of August 26th-30th, I was picked for the Voyager team!  I got a goody bag full of candy, a certificate, and on Sept. 26th I get to skip first period and have breakfast with all the other student of the weeks!  Mom gets to come have breakfast with me.