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December 2002

Dear Journal,

December 7th

Today me and Mom met Grandma and Poppop down by Nanas to go Christmas shopping.  Me and Poppop went off together so I could shop for Mom and Dad and Mom and Grandma went off so they could shop for me.  After shopping we went to Nana's to spend the night.  We found out that I'm now taller than Nana (but not by much!).


4 generations in height order

State Champion

December 15th

Today our team went to the State Meet in Kissimmee, Florida.  I did great!  I got my highest vault, beam, floor, and all around scores.  I took first all around with a 37.825, so I'm the Florida state champion for level 4 AAU age 12 and over in the elite category.

Uncle Wood, Grandma, Poppop, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa all came to cheer me on.  My team took 1st place as well!


December 21st

On December 21st we went to Grandma's house to celebrate Christmas with Dad's side of the family.  Me, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Beth, Trevor, Alexis, Juan, Great-Grandma Rhodes, and Aunt Helen were all there.  We add soup and salads for lunch and dinner and opened gifts.


Me, Trevor, and Aunt Beth


Driving Poppop's tractor

December 22nd-30th

The next day we got up early to drive to Virginia.  We took Reindeer with us.  The car was packed full.  We went to stay at Grandma and Poppop's new house.  It is near the Smokey Mountains and is on top of a big hill. 

The day after Christmas Uncle Joe, Aunt Joann, and Daniel came down to visit as well.

We hung around the house and watched movies, played games, read, and baked goodies.  On Christmas day we went to one of  Poppop's relative's house for dinner.  It snowed all day on Christmas day, but it didn't accumulate.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!   


Merry Christmas Sunrise from Virginia