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February 2002

Dear Journal,

Great American Pie Festival

The Great American Pie Festival was on Saturday, the 9th at the town of Celebration near Disney World.  We got to walk around and sample all the pies.  They were really good.  Grandma, grandpa, grandma, and poppop were with us.   Daddy, poppop, and grandpa entered a pie eating contest.  The first one to finish the pie won.  But, unfortunately, the pie was blueberry and daddy didn't like it to much.  Poppop was closest to finishing, but some other guy won.  Oh yeah, they weren't allowed to use their hands!

Pie anyone?
Poppop Yum!

Veterans Hospital Field Trip

On Valentine's Day, Thursday, the 14th, the safety patrols and the 4th grade student council went to a veterans hospital to hand out valentines that the school had made for them.  Each kid at the school had made a couple of valentines, so we had a lot to give out!   

Annie Get Your Gun

On Saturday the 16th, we went to see the musical play Annie Get Your Gun at the Valencia Community College theater.  That day I went to Disney with Katie and mom came and picked me up at Katies when I got back.  She came during the intermission, so I only saw the 2nd half of the play.

Magic Show

On Sunday, the 24th, we went to see a comedy magician named Chris Linn.  He was more of a comedy guy than a magician.  In this picture he was trying to follow the directions for the "disappearing bandana", but instead he used a banana instead of a bandana! 

Chris Linn