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January 2002

Dear Journal,

Birthday Sleepovers

I went to several sleepovers this month.  The first one was my friend Kristie's on Friday the 4th.  We went bowling in the morning and then we went back to her house and played games.  Then we had a big dinner of all of Krisite's favorite things.

The next weekend I went to a sleepover at Katie's.  We played games and I learned a new card game.  We also jumped on her trampoline.

The next week, Bailey had her birthday sleepover.

Report Card

On Wednesday, the 9th I got my report card. As usual, I got all A's!

Rocket Launch

On Thursday, the 10th the 5th grade gifted class launched our rockets. We built the rockets from kits.  Mine launched OK.  One person's caught on fire!

5th Grade Safety Patrol

Friday, the 11th was my first day as a safety patrol.  The Safety Patrol program is made up of 50 5th graders.  Each safety patrol is assigned to a post.  Some of the posts you might get are the car ramp, flag pole, bike rack, or a hallway.  At the car ramp we help the kids into and out of their car.  At the flag pole you put the flags up and take them down.  At the bike rack you make sure the kids walk their bike while on the school property.

Field Trip

My gifted class went on a field trip to the Science Center on Friday, 25th.  We were only there for a short time.  There was a guy who showed us some experiments.  One experiment he gave everyone a glass of blue water and a straw.  Then we had to blow into it and some people's turned to a green color.  He said it was because we had bad breath!  Then he said he was just kidding and he had put some powder in it to make it change color. 

Kings Quest

My dad bought the Kings Quest series of computer games at a garage sale last year.  He said he and mom used to play them before I was born.  He and I played 2 of them over the Christmas break - part 1 and part 2.  A knight named Sir Graham goes on adventures to find things to keep his kingdom safe.

Kings Quest 1 game