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June 2002

Dear Journal,

Cheerleading Camp

This month was full of camps.  The first week of June I went to cheerleading camp.  It was held at an elementary school (not Waterford).  They divided us up by age.  There were three groups.  I was in the oldest group.  We named our group the Survivor Group.  There were 8 girls in my group.  My friends were Kaitlin and Nicolina.  My favorite cheers I learned were:
We're Awesome
Across the Nation
Be Agressive

The camp was four days long and on the last day we put on a little show for all the parents to show them the cheers and dances that we learned.

Video Production Camp

The second week of June I went to a video production camp.  It was held at Lake Highland Preparatory school.  (It's a private school.)  There were nine kids in the camp.  We practiced doing newscasts in two different studios.  The one studio had all kinds of special equipment like a blue screen where you can change the background.  Then we picked a partner and made a couple of movies.  One of my movies was called "The Janitors Keys" and it was a mystery of who stole the janitors keys.  The other one was a horror movie and it had no plot at all!  On the last day we went to Disney's MGM Studios.


Gymnastics Camp

The last week of June I went to gymnastics camp at my gym.  We practiced all four events plus trampoline and we got to play games.  One day after camp we went bowling.  That's Amanda and me in the picture.  We had secret camp buddies (like secret santas that we did at Christmas) and Amanda had me as her secret camp buddy.  I had Lindsey.