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March 2002

Dear Journal,

VISA American Cup

On Saturday, the 2nd we went to see the VISA Amerian Cup gymnastics competition at the Orlando Arena.  The VISA Cup is former olymic gymnist competition.  Broadway, my gym, was selling tickets for the competition so I got to sit with all my friends from Broadway who went.  Mommy liked the ying-yang girl.  Blaine Wilson sat with us for a while and I got his autograph.   

VISA Cup competitors

Patrol Fund Raiser

On Sunday, the 3rd, I worked a fund raiser for the safety patrols.  We were raising money to go on an overnight field trip to Tallahassee.  One of the safety patrols dad runs a small carnival business with bounce rooms, food, a train, and games.  He donated half of the profit to the safety patrols that helped that day.  Mom and dad worked the cotton candy machine and I helped with it and with some of the games.   

Odyssey of the Mind 

On Saturday the 9th, the Odyssey of the Mind competition was held at UCF.  For the last couple of months I had been practicing with some other gifted girls on my team.  Odyssey of the Mind is where teams compete on a long term problem and a spontanious problem.  The long term problem for us was a play we had to write and perform that had to do with an ostrich factor.  We had to write a play about a character that was like an ostrich - they would stick their hand in the sand to avoid a situation they didn't like.  Our solution was a play about fuits and there was a new fruit that we didn't let join our group.  She would put a grocery bag on her head to hide.  She played a trick on us and then we let her join our group. We had to make our own coustumes too.   We came in 4th place.  In the picture is Allison Driskrill, Jessica Hare, Chelsea Hickey, me, and Allision Bates.


During Spring Break (the 16th - 23rd) we went on a cruise to the eastern Caribian.  We went to St. Martin, St. Thomas, and the Princess Cay.  We were on the Golden Princess.  


Above is me at one of the pools on the ship.  There were 4 pools on the ship.  In the middle is mom playing bingo.  Do you think she won?  On the right is dad helmet diving. 

Above is me and mom with deserts.  On the right is me with the two friends I made, Ashley and Caitlin.  Ashley was from New York and was in the cabin right across the hall from us.  Caitlin was from Canada. 

Above is the submarine we went on in St. Thomas.  On the right is the view from the St. Martin island tour.  The cruise was really fun and I had a great time.  I want to go on another cruise!