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May 2002

Dear Journal,

Katie, Me, and Jessie

Talent Show

The Waterford Elementary Talent Show was held on Friday the 3rd.  Me and my two friends, Katie and Jessica, did a tumbling act.  We did round-off back handsprings and Katie did her round-off back tuck.  The talent show theme was America the Beautiful.  We made our own costumes.

Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma,  Poppop, Mom, and Dad all came to the show.


The big finish.

Tallahassee Trip

On Monday and Tuesday the 6th and 7th the 5th grade patrols went on an overnight trip to Tallahassee.  We went on a boat trip where we saw lots of alligators and wildlife.  We went to a zoo and the mall.  The next day we went to the old capital and the new capital and a museum.

Below is a picture of the Supreme Court building and my friends Krisite, Katie, and me in our patrol belts in front of the new capitol building. 

5th Grade Party

On Friday the 17th was the 5th grade party.  Every year the 5th grade class does an auction fund raiser to raise money for the party and to donate a class gift back to the school.  This year the theme was patriotic.  We had bounce rooms, a dunk tank, water balloons, and a dance.  Our class gift was new benches and tables.

5th Grade Awards

The 5th grade award ceremony was held on Wednesday the 22nd.  I got a trophy for being on the principals honor roll all year.  (That's Ms. Cunningham, our principal, giving me the trophy.)  I got lots of awards:

FCAT achievement for good scores on the state test
the President's Education Award, signed by president Bush!
Best class speller
Best class contributor
Principals honor roll - I got straight A's all year

Thursday the 23rd was my last day of elementary school!  Next year, I go to Discovery Middle School.