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October 2002

Dear Journal,

October 5th

I had to go to the Gemini Invite gymnastics meet in Clearwater, Florida.  It was early in the morning, so we drove there the night before and stayed in a hotel.  My friend Amanda was staying at the same hotel as us, so we ate breakfast together.  I scored:

     Vault 9.15 (7th place)
     Bars 9.15 (3rd place)
     Beam 9.4 (1st place)
     Floor 8.6
     All Around 36.3 (2nd place)

It was my first 36.  After the meet we ate lunch with Amanda and her mom.

2nd place trophy

October 8th

Tonight at gymnastics practice I broke my middle finger on my left hand doing a back handspring.  Mom came and got me and took me to the emergency room at the hospital.  After they x-rayed it, I found out it was broken in two spots.  The doctor put a splint on it and said I had to go to an orthopedic surgeon to see if I would need a cast.

my broken finger in a splint
my cast On the 10th we went to see the orthopedic surgeon and it turned out that I did need a cast.  They connected my index finger to the broken finger and put a cast up to my elbow!  They said I would need to wear it for four weeks and then a week of recovery after it was off.  I couldn't get the cast wet and I wasn't allowed to ride my bike to school so mom had to drive me.  I still went to gymnastics but I just did conditioning, beam (on the low beam), and dance.

I still had to do all the work in school, even though I had to write with my right hand.

October 11th

Tonight we went to Leu Gardens to listen to ghost stories.  This is the 3rd year in a row that we've done this.  They stories were OK, but the past 2 years were better.  One of my favorite stories was "The Green Gourd".

Ghost stories at Leu Gardens

October 30th

Today I got my first report card from middle school.  As usual, I got all A's.


Didn't mom do a great job on my costume?

October 31st

At school we dressed up as Egyptians to end our Egyptian unit.  We played Egyptian games and in math class we had an Egyptian restaurant.  Mom helped by bringing in a sliced cucumber dish that was really gross!  Mom made my costume. 

After school I went to a Halloween party at Catherine and Courtney's house (we carpool to the gym with them).  We played games, ate food, and of course went trick-or-treating.  We got lots and lots of yummy candy.  (Amanda was there too.)