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September 2002

Dear Journal,

September 13th

Today we got our school progress reports.  I had all A's so far.  My lowest grade was in Agriscience, which was a 94.

September 14th

Today was our second meet of the season.  It was held at Broadway.  It was called the "Sunshine Invite".  I took 2nd all-around.  Click here to see my scores.  I got my highest all around score.

1st place on the beam!

Allison Bates, Kaitlin Mooney, and me

September 26th

Today was my 12th birthday.  It was a very good day.  Instead of going to 1st period, I went to a Student Of The Week breakfast.  I got an award and Mom got to come.  My friends gave me Happy Birthday balloons and a couple of little presents.  That night Mom made me two giant Happy Birthday cookies that I took to gymnastics to share with my team.



I also won the t-shirt design contest for the Voyager team.  Dad helped me make the design on the computer.  We did it on the last night before it was due!  The teachers picked my design out of about 20.  I get a free t-shirt for winning the contest.

My winning t-shirt design

Mr. Raymond presented me with my award

The Roadshow fieldtrip

September 27th

This Friday we went on a field trip to the TD Waterhouse Center where they held the Go For It! Roadshow.  It was supposed to encourage kids to stay healthy and to not do drugs.  They had games and little clips from famous sports people.

That night Jessica came over to celebrate my birthday with me.  We went to the Colorado Fondue Company for dinner and dessert.  The dessert was the best part.  I liked the marshmallows dipped in the dark chocolate mint.  (The cookies dipped in the chocolate were good too!)  Then she spent the night.  We watched movies and did crafts.