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April 2003

Dear Journal,

Great Grandma Rhodes 100th Birthday!

On Friday, the 11th we attended Great Grandma Rhodes 100th birthday party.  Mom, dad , and I went early to help set up.  There were tons of people there.  After the party some of the people (including us) went back to a hotel and talked.  It was a lot of fun.  Click here to see some more pictures from the party. 


Great Grandma and her grandkids


On Saturday the 19th Dad , mom, and I went to see the movie Holes.  It was based on a book by Louis Sachar of which I had read.  It was screen written by the author so the book and movie were very similar.  I liked it a lot. 


Dad's Work

Thursday, the 24th was bring your kid to work day.  For the first time I got to go to work with dad.  He works for Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems.  First, I got to delete all his email. (It was a lot by the way!)  Then we went to a fingerprint demo where you got a paper with your finger prints on it without using ink.  It was done by computer.  Then we got to the best part of the day, (or so dad says) lunch.  After that dad had a short phone conference thing and then we went on a tour.  We also got this picture taken.  I had fun, but I don't think I need to go again, unless dad gets a more exciting job.    


How did they get that plane in Dad's office?

Jessica's 12th Birthday

Saturday the 26th was my friend Jessica's water party birthday.  There were a lot of games and water fights.  I don't think I'm a water game type person.  I came in dead last in the games.  That was ok though.  There was good food!