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February 2003

Dear Journal,

Miniature Golf

On Saturday, the 1st, we went to play golf.  I got a 67, Mom got 53, and Dad got a 48.  Dad and I both had hole in ones!   



The weekend of the 8th and 9th, we worked a meet at Broadway.  Mom was in charge of the concession stand so the weeks before the meet she had to get the food. Then during the weekend of the meet we had to help set up the stand and take it down each day.  She also had to check in every couple hours.  So since we were going to be there most of the time anyway I got to flash the scores on floor, bars, and beam.  I also was a runner for beam which means that you take the scores of each person and run it up to the office where they calculate the places.  It was a really busy weekend, but it was fun!


This is drawn with chalk on a paper bag!

Art Class

They got a new instructor for the art class I was signed up for on Saturdays at Seminole Community College.  He really liked my work. (I didn't think it was all that great.  He thinks this zebra is the greatest thing.  I think its one of my worst drawings.)  This was the first of a six week class.


On Saturday, the 15th, mom, dad, and I went to the Florida State Fair with grandma and poppop.  We ate a whole bunch of junk food, saw lots of animals (my favorite was the ugly chickens), and shopped.  We also watched a little bit of a cheerleading competition that was very loud and chaotic.  Overall it was fun, though.

Don't poppop and I look happy?