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January 2003

Dear Journal,

Glamour Time

On Thursday, the 2nd I got my pictures taken at the gym from a company called Glamour Time.  It was a fundraiser for gymnastics.  They did your makeup and you got to pick from outfits that they brought.  



This is my least favorite.

This is my favorite.

Report Card

On Friday, the 17th I got my report card. As usual, I got all A's!  I also had perfect attendance this quarter.


Art Class

On Saturday the 18th, I was supposed to start a 6 week charcoal art class at Seminole Community College.  We went but the instructor didn't show up.

Judy's Party

On Friday, the 24th, Mom, Jody, and Debbie threw a surprise 60th birthday party for their friend, Judy.  It was at a clubhouse in Winter Springs.  About 40 or 50 people came.


On Saturday, the 25th we went bowling at the new bowling alley -- Boardwalk Bowl.  We rented the lane for an hour.  We bowled 2 games and had started the third game when our time ran out.  Dad was doing so well that we had to pay extra so we could finish the game.  He ended up getting over 200 for the first time ever.  For the next couple of weeks he went around bragging about it to everyone he saw!