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March 2003

Dear Journal,

Peter Pan

On Saturday, the 1st  mom, dad, and I went to go see Peter Pan (a play).  It was at Valencia.  It was pretty good.  Peter Pan was played by a girl!  I think they did a good job with the flying except the couple times they crashed Peter into the Pirate ship!


It's a bird, it's a plane...
Happy birthday to you...

Uncle Wood's 90th Birthday

On Sunday the 2nd we went to Uncle Wood's surprise birthday party.  It was held at Sam Seltzer's in Clearwater. Uncle Wood seemed surprised.  There was a lot of people there.  The food was great and it was fun.


Brooke & Angela Visit

The weekend of the 8th and 9th, my cousins Brooke and Angela came to visit.  My other cousin Brittney was in a dance competition that was held at Universal Studios.  We went to go see her.  We met grandma and grandpa for dinner at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville before the competition.  After the show, Brooke and Angela went back to Brittney's hotel to visit and they got lost coming back to our house!


Britt's in the back...

Now you see it, now you don't!  

After dinner and before the competition we walked around City Walk at Universal Studios.  A street magician did some tricks for us.

Spring Break

The week of March 17th-21st was spring break.  Mom and Dad went to Las Vegas and I went to grandma's and poppop's.  We went to Stop n' Play and we did arts and crafts.  I also learned how to play shuffle board.  It's really fun.  We went to a spaghetti and chicken dinner for St. Patrick's Day.   

The view out Mom and Dads hotel window
Watch out, camels spit!  

After Mom and Dad got back and came to pick me up, grandma and poppop took us on a tour around the area.  One of the things we saw was a guy who had a zoo in his back yard!  He had camels, emus, water buffalo, deer, and rabbits.