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May 2003

Dear Journal,

End of 6th Grade

May 23rd was the last day of school.  Over all I had a great school year.  I learned many new things, made new friends and got closer to old friends.  One of my favorite classes was Mrs. Morris's.  She taught gifted Social Studies.  I will miss all my teachers but I am also glad 6th grade is over.


Me, Katie, and Kristie
All A's medal  

May 22nd was awards day for the Voyager team at Discovery Middle School.  I got a lot of awards.  They had awards for each person who got A's in each class all year and a medal for people who got A's all year.  Then each teacher picked a boy and a girl that did the overall best in their class.  Then there was a Voyager team boy and Girl of the year.  (There are 180 kids on our team by the way.)   I was picked as the Language Arts girl of the year.    


Language Arts Voyager Girl of the Year President award for straight A's all year

Finding Nemo

On May 31st we went to see the movie "Finding Nemo".  This was a story of a  fish who lost his son and went looking for him.  They meet a vegetarian shark, a fish who suffers short term memory loss, and a 120 year old turtle.  It was a pretty good movie though I think I like Monsters Inc. better.