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May 21, 2000

Dear Journal,

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Award program

Me and Mom

On Wednesday, May 10 my Girl Scout Brownie troop had our awards ceremony.  We sang five songs then we got our try-its that we earned.  Try-its are patches (like to one pictured above) that we earn by making different things or doing different things.  The try-it above is the "Girl Scout Ways".  You earn it by learning about the way girl scouts got started and what they do.  My mom made shirts for everyone in the troop.  It had the "Girl Scout Ways" try-it on the front and the "Caring and Sharing" try-it on the back.  We were all wearing our t-shirts for the ceremony.

I earned 14 try-its this year, a perfect attendance award, my year pin, and a certificate for helping Miss Lisa (the troop leader) out because mom was the co-leader this year.

This was my last year in brownies.  Next year I will be in a junior girl scouts troop.  Miss Lisa will still be our leader and mom is still going to be the co-leader.

Girl Scout awards

May Day

On Friday, May 12, we had May Day at school.  May Day is when we get out of school for two hours to do different events.  The PE teachers organize it.  Some of the events were tug-of-war, water balloon toss, volleyball, a water balloon slingshot, a three-legged race, and a sack race.  I liked the water balloon toss the best.  We ate snow cones at break time.  My dad helped at the water balloon slingshot.

   Here I am with my friends, Chelsea and Bailey.

 Chelsea, Bailey, and Me

Here we are being silly.

girls being girls

Here I am with my dad.

Me and Dad

Here's the way he normally looks!

kids being kids

My First Concert

Me in my concert t-shirt George Strait Ticket

On Saturday May, 13th mom and I went to the George Strait Country Music Festival.  It was at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando.  First was Asleep at the Wheel.  It was cool because they had a little boy about my age who sang three songs.  Then came Lee Ann Womack, Mark Chesnutt, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, and Tim McGraw.  Then finally George Strait who sang for an hour and a half.

There were 50,000 people there.  Mrs. Barlet, my second grade teacher, was there, but I didn't see her.  Mark Chesnutt was my favorite.  The concert lasted from 1 o'clock to 10:30 at night.  I fell asleep during George Strait.  Mom liked Tim McGraw the best.  She wanted a Tim McGraw t-shirt but they only had extra larges.

George Strait Program

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 14th was Mother's Day.  I made my mom some stuff for Mother's Day.  They were coupons, promise notes, and a saying, and a picture in a picture frame that I made.  We went to Grandma Cookie's house for dinner.  We had all different kinds of salads and my mom made ham salad and Johnny Rocket's recipe for egg salad. 

Schools Out!

Tuesday, May 16th was our class awards day.  I got two trophies and three awards.  The first trophy was for Principal's Honor Roll for all year and the second was for 1st place in Math Superstars.  The first certificate was for following directions the best.  The second one was for Principal's Honor Roll, and the third was for perfect attendance for the whole year.

May 19th was the last day of school.  I got straight A's all year!  Don't believe me?  Check out my report card.  

Me getting the Principal's Honor Roll trophy!

Principal's Honor Roll Best In Following Directions

Here I am with my best friend, Bailey at the party after the awards ceremony.  I met her last year, at her second day at the school in January.  She's really nice and considerate. Me & Bailey

The Space Shuttle Launch

Thursday, May 18th dad woke me up at 3:30Shuttle car passin the morning to go see the space shuttle launch.  This was the third time we went.  The other times it got scrubbed because it was too windy the first time and the second time the emergency landing sites were all unsafe.    One of the reasons I liked it is that it went up when the sun was rising so the smoke of the shuttle turned blue, pink, purple, and yellow.  It wasn't as loud as I thought it would be, even though it was pretty loud. 


Campout with the Girl Scout Troop

I just got back from a camp out with my girl scout troop.  It was from Friday May 19 to Sunday May 21.  We went to camp Mahkahwee, which is the girl scout camp place.  I am going there later this summer to resident camp for a week.  We went paddle boarding.  The boring part was that we didn't do anything really except cook and eat.  We hiked the whole way around Mahkahwee.  It took an hour.  We went camping with a junior troop.

That's it for now.  Since school is out and mom is still working, I'm going to be going to camps for the next few weeks.