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June 30, 2000

Dear Journal,


Since Mom was working the first four weeks I was out of school, I got to go to some camps.  The first week, May 22-25, I went to camp at the Blanchard Park YMCA.  I went from 8:30am to 4pm each day.  We would play games and stuff and they would take whoever wanted to go over to the playground until everyone arrived.  Then we got divided into groups by what grade we were going to be in next year and we would go with our counselor to hike or play games like kickball or look for clams.  Each day we got to have water fun, where we would play in the sprinklers, on a slip-and-slide, and water balloons.  Then we would have lunch.  After lunch we would have free play time.  I met a new friend at that camp.  Her name was Sarah.  I didn't go on Friday because Grandma Pumpkin came to pick me up.

Grandma & Pop-Pop's

I went to Grandma and Pop-Pop's for the next two days.  On the third day we left early in the morning and picked up Uncle Wood.  Grandma and I played games all the way to Virginia.  The next day we bought some trees for Grandma and Pop-Pop's property and planted them.  We planted two apple trees, one pear tree, and a grape vine.  We moved some rocks to stop some erosion. 

Listening to my music

Uncle Joe came and we all ate ice cream.  The next day we went to visit relatives.  On Wednesday we went hiking for five miles and we went fishing at a pond where my great-great-grandfather and grandmother used to live.  Pop-Pop caught the only fish.  On Thursday Pop-Pop hacked weeds and we visited more relatives.  I read a lot.  For dinner I had catfish.  It was the first time I had catfish and it was really good.

Pop-Pop, Grandma, and Uncle Joe
Me and Pop-pop at the beach

On Friday we left for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We watched the "Blue Angles" practice for an air show.  Then we went to the beach and Pop-Pop and I played in the waves.  It was fun!  That night I slept in a waterbed.  On Saturday we drove home.  Grandma and Pop-Pop dropped me off at my house.

Skating Camp

The next week, June 5th-9th, I went to skating camp.  It was at the Universal Skating Center, where I had my 7th birthday party.  I knew Rhianna from extended day at school.  Besides skating, we did arts and crafts, played games, and watched movies.  This camp was my least favorite.

Girl Scout Camp

The next week, June 12th-16th, I went to resident camp (that means we stay overnight).  I was in the "Fishing & Floating Fun" camp.  I went with Jackie Shurr, from my girl scout troop.  We stayed in Eagle's Roost.  It was fun but not as much fun as last year.  The counselor's weren't as good as last years.  The food was good.  We went swimming every day.  We only got to fish one time.  I didn't catch anything, but one girl caught 6 fish!  My favorite thing was going paddle-boarding.  We got to do that twice.  We went canoeing once.

Our tent

My friend Rachel in our tent.

Gymnastics Camp

My last camp was pre-team gymnastics camp.  It was June 19th - June 23rd, from 9:30am to 3pm.  We did gymnastics (of course), played games, and watched movies during lunch.  This was one of my favorite camps.

The Girl's Road Trip

On Friday, when gymnastics camp was over, me, Mom, and Debbie Garrison took a road trip to North Carolina so Debbie could visit her daughter Stephanie, who was at a summer camp for four weeks.  We drove to Georgia the first day.  The next day we went to Dave & Buster's.  It's half restaurant and half game room.  Debbie said it was a "Chuckie Cheese" for adults, but with better food.  We played games there and got 1179 tickets.  I cashed them in for some cool prizes, like a stuffed animal, a bubble pen, bouncy ball, and other stuff. 

My tickets!

Then we drove to South Carolina and spent the night.  On Sunday we drove to Stephanie's camp and took her to the mall.  That night we drove to Mary Steffensen's house.  Mom and Debbie used to work with her at Valencia.  We spent the night at her house and the next day we went gem mining. 
I found all kinds of rocks, including an emerald and a real arrow head. 

Me and Mom panning for gems

Then we went to swim at a nearby river, but the water was too cold.  We watched other people jump off a cliff and slide down a waterfall. 

Me at the cold river

For dinner we went to a fish camp and I caught a trout.  Mary cooked it for dinner.  I didn't really like it but I wasn't feeling too good.  That night we drove to Georgia and spent the night.  The next day we came home.

Cirque Du Soleil

On Friday, June 30th, I met my Grandma Cookie, Grandpa, Aunt Beth, Uncle Butch, Trevor, Brooke, and Brittney at Disney West Side.  We all went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show, La Nouba.  Mom and Dad had already seen it so they went to get us a reservation for dinner for after the show.  The show was cool.  My favorite part was the little chinese girls who did the juggling and tumbling.  After the show we all went to dinner at Planet Hollywood.

La Nouba