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September 4, 2000

Dear Journal,

Gifted Test

On Wednesday, August 2nd I took the gifted test at school.  My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Williams, reccommended me for the test.  There were 2 parts to the test.  The first part I took during 3rd grade.  I scored good enough to take the second part.  They asked words and I had to give the definitions.  There was another one where they gave you 3 words and you had to tell how they were alike.  On another one they gave you blocks and a picture and they timed me to see how long it took to make the blocks look like the picture.  The one I did bad on they gave you a picture that you had to study for 30 seconds and then they flipped it over and you had to draw it. There were several other tests.  I got a high enough score to get into gifted!

Miracle Logo

Miracle Game

On Sunday, August 6th, I went to see an Orlando Miracle game with my girl scout troop.  The Orlando Miracle are the girls basketball team in Orlando, Florida.  The Miracle won.  We had fun and we got a water bottle with a ball in it as a souvenir.  We got to go onto the floor and practice dribbling.  We got to meet the coach.  We learned the Orlando Miracle dance.  We had a great time.

Me at Dr. Suess land

Islands of Adventure

On Wednesday, August 9th, I went to Islands of Adventure with Debbie and Stephanie Garrison and Mom.  The best ride was Spiderman.  I liked the way the Dr. Suess land was set up.  The Cat In The Hat was neat too.  I was 1/2 inch too short for the three big roller coasters.  We bought passes that are good until the end of the year, so maybe I'll be big enough next time.  Next time I want to ride the Pterodactyl ride.  It's a skyway kind of ride.

4th Grade

Friday, August 11 was meet the teacher day.  Mom, Dad, and I went and met Mrs. Olsen.  Chelsea Hickey is in my class again this year.  She joined my girl scout troop this year and is in gifted too!  We picked the same desk to sit at. 

School started on Monday.  We get an allowance of $10 each week from Mrs. Olsen.  (Play money)  She also gives jobs that pay $1 and the cleanup jobs pay $2.  She takes away money for talking, misbehaving, not putting your name on papers, incomplete homework, and stuff like that.  You can use your money to buy things.  A sticker costs $5, two pieces of candy cost $10.  For $30 you can eat lunch with the teacher or another student from a different class.  You can save your money and use it at two auctions during the year.

Mrs. Olsen is nice.  We write alot in 4th grade.  I go to gifted class every Thursday.

First day of school
Wildcat of the Week

I was selected as Wildcat of the Week the first week of school!

Back to the Future logo


Back To The Future

Dad wanted to have a Back To The Future movie marathon, so on Friday, August 18  we watched Back To The Future.  It was a neat movie.  I gave it 5 stars.  On Saturday we watched part 2 and part 3.  I gave part 2 5 stars and part 3 4 stars. 


On Saturday the 19th I had a sleepover at gymnastics.  I met a new girl who was nice.

Fish Fry

On Saturday the 26th we had a party.  We invited all the people that went to Alaska with us, plus Uncle Wood, Great Grandma Rhodes, Aunt Beth, Trevor, Alexis,  and James and Jody.  Mom made salmon and everyone looked at Alaska pictures and watched videos from Alaska.  I entertained Trevor.  The oven baked salmon was better than the grilled salmon.

It's a party

Great Grandma Rhodes & Aunt Beth at the party

Birthday Party

On Sunday the 27th I went to Chelsa Aasnes birthday party.  It was a pool party at her house.  We were in the pool the whole time.  We played hot potato.  I had a great time and I think Chelsa liked my present.  She must love Scooby Doo because everything in her room is Scooby Doo and it was a Scooby Doo party.

Grandma & Grandpa Weekend

Mom, Dad, James, and Jody went to the UCF vs. Georgia Tech game in Atlanta the weekend of September 1st.  They left on Friday and dropped me off at Grandma and Grandpas.  We went up to Aunt Beth's house and ate dinner.  Uncle Butch was there.  Then we took Trevor back to Grandma's house. 

On Saturday morning we went to the Sanford zoo.  Grandma said it was very nicely setup.  We saw lots of birds.  Trevor wanted to stay at the monkey cage the whole time.  We saw elephants, and the hippo came out of the water a couple of times.  We had a great time, except Trevor who couldn't find any of the animals, including the elephants!  Then we went to Steak and Shake and had dinner.  Then we went back to Grandma's house and played games.

Leave my stuffed animal alone!

On Sunday we went to Don and Mary's to play in their pool.  Then we went to the movies to see "Dinosaurs".  Trevor went too.  It was his first movie, but he got scared at the previews of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie, so Grandpa had to leave with him.

Then we went back to Beth's.  She made dinner for everyone and Mom and Dad picked me up there.

Grandma, Trevor, and me