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September 2000

Dear Journal,


Every Friday at school we write a journal entry to take home.  This is my journal entry from Friday, September 29th.

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week seems like it just zipped by!  Although, it was very, very, busy.  This week I think I will tell you what happened this week in the order from Monday to Friday.  On Monday we learned about words beginning with un, re, and dis.  We also started chapter two in math.  We started tigers too.

On Tuesday we started the story Jumanji.  The beginning of the book is mostly the same as the movie but the ending is totally different.  We also had reading buddys on Tuesday.  My reading buddy wasn't there so I helped Chelsea with her two reading buddys.  We helped them make a mobile and write two sentences about Johnny Appleseed.  I passed out the yummy cup cakes!

On Wednesday we had our test on 100 multiplication facts.  I can't believe how well I did!  We also had centers.  We made a rain gage at one of the centers.  We have been trying to catch some rain in them, but none yet.  At another center we made an anemometer.  Mine fell apart so I threw it in the trash.  We did a math game at the 3rd and wrote science notes in the other.

On Thursday we took our mad minute test.  Then I went to gifted just like all other Thursdays.  I love gifted.  We worked on our project, did some worksheets, and Jessica, me, Chelsea, and some boys put up the bulletin board by the lunch room.  When I got back from gifted we met our class in the music room for our first rehearsal for fine arts night.

On Friday we took our spelling test and our vocab test.  Dad might be able to eat with me, I hope so!  We wrote this of course.  Then we had music practice again.  Over all I guess the week didn't really zip by it seemed like it.  I love you!



Shana Banana

On Saturday, September 23rd  Mom, Dad, and I went to see Shana Banana at Valencia Community College.  She was fun.  She sang kid songs.  I was kind of old for it but it would be a good learning experience for younger kids.

I'm 10!

September 26th

My birthday was on a Tuesday this year.  I tried to stretch my birthday out all week, and it worked.  On Tuesday I took cupcakes to school.  That night, after gymnastics, I had my cake and opened some of my presents.  On Wednesday we had a cake at girl scouts that Mom ordered from Target.  On Saturday, I had my party.

The Mystery Fun House

My Birthday Party

I had my birthday party at the Mystery Fun House on Saturday, September 30th.  First we ate pizza.  Then we went into the maze.  It started with a mirror maze then a leaning Egyptian tomb, then a jail maze with bars you had to climb through.  Then came doors and you had to find the right door to get out.  Then there were punching bags and a ladder you had to climb.  Then there was a piano that you played by stepping on it.

After the maze we had cake and ice cream.  I opened my presents.  Then we went through the maze again.  Then we played video games in the arcade.  Then we went through the maze again.

This is us getting ready to go into the Mystery Fun House.


Us in front of the Mystery Fun House


It's my party

Here we are getting ready to eat the cake.  Alia Clark, me, Jackie Shurr, Chelesa Hickey, Jessica Hare, Chelesa Aasnes, Felicia, and Jennifer Self. 

At the party I got gel pens and a gel pen journal, Monopoly Jr. game, hula hoop, a crystal mosaic kit, an art travel kit, Limited 2 gift certificate, Target gift card, bubble gum, a CD, and apple body splash.


Dad had told me that it might be scary and that there were all kinds of monsters there, you know, like werewolves and vampires and stuff.  But I'm 10 now.  I don't believe in monsters.  Do you?

Nothing exciting happened to us all day.