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October 30, 2000

Dear Journal,

Grandparents Weekend

On Saturday, the 7th I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes.  Uncle Dan and Aunt Kelly and the kids were supposed to come down from Georgia but Aunt Kelly was sick so they didn't come.  So, Mom, Dad, and I went to visit and had dinner.

On Sunday, the 8th, Mom and I met Grandma and Grandpa Roberts at Sea World.  (Dad was working on his paper for school, so he didn't go.)  We had a lot of fun.  Me and Pop-pop sat on the front row of the Journey to Atlantis ride and we got soaked!  Pop-pop bought me a new shirt since mine was so wet.  We had ice cream.

Skating Lock-In

We didn't have school on Thursday and Friday because it was the end of the marking period.  So, on Wednesday the 11th we had a lock-in at the skating rink with my girl scout troop.  We got there at 7pm.  8 girls from my troop were there, and some of the girls from the brownie troop too.  Mom was there too.  I stayed up all night.  I only took a 1/2 hour nap at 2 in the morning.  I skated the whole time.  We left at 7 in the morning.  When Mom and I got home, we went to bed!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th was a busy day.  I was off of school and it was Dad's day off of work.  In the morning we went to see the play "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" at the Mark Two Dinner Theater.  The play was OK.  It only lasted 1/2 hour.  I liked the actors who played Brom Bones and Ichabod Crane.

After the play, Dad and I went to the Orlando Science Center.  We checked out the new exhibit about the dark (nocturnal animals, things that live underground and deep in the ocean) and we saw the new IMAX movie, Thrill Ride.  The beginning of the movie was good because you got to ride on roller coasters.  The end of the movie was about computer animation in simulator rides.  It was boring.

Thrill Ride movie
Ghost Stories

That night Mom, Dad, and I went to listen to ghost stories at Leu Gardens.  The stories in the beginning were funny and the stories at the end were scary.  All the story tellers had good screams.  My two favorite stories were "The Mischievous Girl and the Hideous Creature" and "Joey, Chloe, and The Swamp Monster".  The swamp monster story was about two kids that get $18,000 tennis shoes and leave them in the swamp and their mom made them go back into the swamp to get them.  The swamp monsters had their shoes and they had to get them back from them.

Islands of Adventures

We went to Islands of Adventures on Sunday, the 15th. We rode several rides but I liked the Hulk roller coaster the best.  The Hulk was the best roller coaster that I've ever been on.  At first is shoots you out and this one part you think its going to stop and it drops you and turns you.  I only screamed once.  The rest of the time I held my breath.  I liked it so much I rode it a second time.

The Hulk

Girl Scouts

Report Card & Girl Scout Investiture

I got my first report card in 4th grade on Wednesday, the 18th.  I got all A's again and was on the Principals Honor roll.  Everyone was very proud of me.  Dad said it was a boring report card and couldn't I get different letters.

We had our girl scout investiture ceremony that night.  The investiture ceremony is a little ceremony that we put on for the parents of the girls.  In the picture is me, Jessica, Brittany, Mom, and Lindsey. 

We went on a field trip on Thursday to see the Orlando Symphony.  We've gone every year since 1st grade and this year was the best.  My favorite part was when the ballet people danced to "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." 



On Friday the 20th, Mom, Dad, Jody, James and I went to see the play Dracula at Valencia.  The play was good.  The best actor was Renfield, who was the crazy person.  The best effect was when Dracula ran his hand across his chest and blood dripped out.  The worst actor was the young doctor.  I wasn't scared though.

Gifted Field Trip

On Thursday, the 26th my gifted class went on a field trip to the Orange County Regional History Center.  It just opened.  When we first got there we saw a movie of how life first began.  Then we went to exhibits that showed prehistoric man, then indians, then present day men.  At the end there was an orange dome that you could walk under and stuck on the dome were little models of different pieces of each and every exhibit.  In downtown Orlando there were lizard statues that were very neat.  After the museum we had lunch in the park.

Orange County History Center

Girl Scout Campout

The weekend of the 27-29, my girl scout troop went on a campout at Mah-kah-wee.  We tie-dyed some t-shirts.  We earned the Amanda badge.  They put different scents on cotton balls in film containers and all the girls got one and you had to smell the other girls containers and find the ones that had the same scent.  We made foil dinners by taking chicken and vegetables and wrapping them in tin foil and putting them in burning hot charcoal and they are very good.  One morning we had pancakes for breakfast but we forgot the syrup.

Me winning the trophy!

Muscle Meet

On Saturday the 28th, there was a muscle meet at gymnastics.  I had to leave the campout to go to it.  The muscle meet was for the pre-team from both pre-team classes to compete against each other to see who was the strongest.  They broke us up into 3 groups according to your strength and they tested us on:
how fast we could run
how high we could jump
shoulder flexibility
leg lifts
chin ups

1st Place!


I was 1 inch off the ground on my splits, I did 9 leg lifts, 14 chin ups, and 35 pushups.  In my group I won the first place gold medal (around my neck) and I won first place overall out of about 50 girls!  That's the trophy.

For Halloween I'm going to be a candy corn.  Mom made my costume.

Candy Corn Girl