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December 31, 2000

Dear Journal,

Light Up Mt. Dora

On Friday, December 1st we went to Light Up Mt. Dora.  Mom, Dad, and I went to Grandma and Grandpas house.  Aunt Beth, Trevor, and Alexis met us at Grandma's house.  Jeff Copas, a friend of my Dad's and Aunt Beth's was there too.  There were lots of houses lit up.  It was real beautiful.  There was also entertainment.  My favorite was the juggler.  Trevor got a balloon. 

Juggler at Light Up Mt. Dora

Me in the snow at the Pet Fair

Pet Fair

On Saturday, December 2nd, we went to the Pet Fair.  The Pet Fair is a fund raiser that is held at the Orlando Science Center each year.  Reindeer was really excited to come.  I enjoyed playing in the "snow", even though it was really ice.  Me and Dad rode this really cool flying ride.

Fun Meet

After the Pet Fair, I had a Fun Meet at gymnastics. A Fun Meet is a gymnastics meet where there are no judges.  The pre-team did it to practice for the real meet that is coming up in January.

Me on the balance beam after the Fun Meet

Me in Mom's new car

Mom's New Car

Mom's dream came true.  She got her dream car on Friday the 8th.  It was just like the one she saw at the auto show last month, except she got the color she wanted.

School Party

On Tuesday, December 19th, we had a party at school.  My mom and dad came to help out.  There were lots of cool games and art activities that Mrs. Olsen planned for us.  My favorite was the snowman bookmark that we made.  We also had lots of good treats, like brownies, cookies, and cake.  I had lots of fun.

Christmas Celebrations

On Friday the 22nd we went to a party at the Garrisons.  My mom talked about math stuff.  I got lots of Harry Potter stuff from some of my mom's friends.

On Saturday the 23rd, we went to Grandma and Grandpas.  Me, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Beth, Uncle Butch, Trevor, Alexis, Great-Grandma Rhodes, and Aunt Helen were all there.  I got lots of neat gifts.  My favorite was a scooter.  We had a wonderful dinner and it was a great night.  

Me reading to Trevor at Grandma Rhodes'
Mom and Uncle Dennis at our house

On Christmas day, Grandma, Poppop, and Uncle Denny came to our house.  I got a hermit crab kit, Harry Potter stuff, lots of balls - baseball, soccer, and a big red bouncy ball.

In the afternoon, Grandma, Grandpa, and Great-grandma Rhodes came over.  Mom made dinner for everyone.  I got body art crayons from Jody on Christmas eve.  I showed them to Grandma Roberts and she got all excited.  She painted a bunch of stuff on me.  Grandma Rhodes and I ended up looking like cats after she was done.

Grandma Rhodes and me as cats

Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

On Saturday, the 30th, we went to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Tampa performing Arts Center with Grandma and Grandpa Roberts.  It was one of our Christmas gifts from them.  I liked it.  The best part was when they used all this mist to make it look like the boat was floating.  The funniest actor was the king who kept trying to jump up on the elephant but kept falling back down because he was too short and the queen who couldn't sing.

We celebrated New Years back at grandma's house.  I made my family stay up until midnight, even though they wanted to go to bed at 10:00. 

Happy New Year everyone!